Open everyday from 11am to 11pm for lunch and dinner



·       Chat Papri                             € 4,00

Papadi with spicy sauce


·       Murg Chat                             € 4,50

Boneless chicken with pineapple


·       Veg. Samosa                           € 4,00

Stuffed dumpling with spices potatoes


·       Paneer pakora                       € 4,50

Chickpeas flour rolls stuffed with Indian cheese


·       Punjabi tikki                          € 3,50

Fried ball spiced potatoes


·       Palak pakora                          € 3,50

Fried garam flour onions, spinach and vegetables


·       Mix Pakora                          € 10,00

Mix starters (for 2 person)


·       Onion Rings                           € 3,50

Fried onion rings with chickpeas batter


·       Jhinga Pakora                        € 7,00

Fried prawns with chickpeas batter


·       Murg Pakora                         € 6,00

Chicken fried with chickpeas butter


·       Papddums                              € 3,00

 Crispy polenta



Cheese Naan                      € 2,50

Fine flour flat loaf stuffed with cheese


Aloo Kulcha                       € 2,00

Fine flour flat loaf stuffed with potatoes


Garlic Naan                       € 1,50

Flat loaf with garlic and tomatoes


Naan                                   € 1,50

Plain flat loaf


Tandoori Roti                     € 1,50

Flat loaf made with whole wheeat flour


Butter Naan                       € 2,00

Flat loaf with butter


Lacha Parantha                € 1,50

Crispy flat loaf


Jira Parantha                    € 1,50

Cumin seeds flavored flat loaf spread with butter


Keema Naan                      € 3,00

Flat loaf with minced meat


Pudina Naan                      € 2,00

Fine flour flat loaf with mint


Methi Parantha                 € 2,00

 Fine flour flat loaf with fenugreek


     Basmati Rice


·        Kesar Pulao                           € 4,00

Rice with saffron


·        Safeed Chawal                       € 2,00

White rice


·        Murg Briyani                         € 8,00

Rice cooked in steam with chicken


·        Gost Biryani                           € 8,50

Rice cooked in steam with Mutton


·        Jhinga Biryani*                     € 9,00

Rice cooked in steam with prawns


·        Mix Veg Biryani                    € 7,50

Rice cooked in steam with

Vegetables,dry fruit and saffron


·        Moti Pulao*                           € 6,00

Rice fried quickly with peas and curry


·        Nimboo Rice                          € 6,00

Lemon rice with peanut and mustard seeds


·        Jira Rice                                 € 3,00


Rice with cumin


       Specialities baked in a                 traditional clay oven


·        Murg Tandoori                      € 8,50

Marinated chicken in yogurt with Indian spices and baked in clay oven


·        Elachi Murg Tikka                € 8,50

Marinated chicken morsels in yogurt with cardamom kaju and declare spices baked

in clay oven


·        Kalmi Kebab                         € 8,50

Marinated chicken drumsticks with

delicated sauce and baked in clay oven


·        Haryali Kebab                       € 8,50

Marinated boneless chicken with mint sauce and baked in clay oven


·        Lamb Chops*                      € 15,00

Marinated Lamb chops with Indian spices and baked in clay oven


·        Gost Sheek Kebab                 € 9,00

Minced mutton skewer with herbs and Indian spices baked in clay oven


·        Macchli Mahi Tikka*         € 10,00

Marinated fish morsels with Indian spices


·        Jhinga Tandoori*                € 15,00

Grilled prawns grilled in clay oven


·        Tandoori Aloo                       € 7,00


Stewed potatoes with cheese and spices, Grilled in oven

Menu: From starter to dessert!

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